Terms and Conditions

  1. The scheme enables members to save by instalments and buy Gold or Diamond jewellery from us. For enrolling in the scheme customer needs to pay a fixed amount for a period of 12 months and at the end of the scheme he can buy jewellery with the accumulated amount and an extra attractive benefit of 100% of his single instalment amount.
    Illustration below:
    Customer’s monthly instalment amount 10,000 x 12 = 1,20,000
    Add the benefit amount from us = + 10,000
    Total amount available for purchases = 1,30,000
  2. The instalments can be in multiples of thousands i.e. 1000/-, 2000/-, 5000/- and onwards.
  3. The payment of monthly instalment should be made within 1st to 10th for cash and 1st to 8th for cheque in every month
  4. Outstation cheques & payments by debit or credit cards will also not be accepted.
  5. Under no circumstances cash refund will be made by us at any point of time against this scheme.
  6. According to the scheme, any member will become eligible to the terminal benefit only after they have paid monthly subscriptions continuously for 12 (twelve) months. Therefore defaulting members would become eligible for the terminal benefit only after they have paid all the 12 (twelve) instalments. In other words their eligibility will get postponed by the number of months they have defaulted.
  7. A member will be supplied with a ‘Depositcard’ on payment of first instalment. Members should ensure that all payments made by them are correctly entered in the depositcard. Any discrepancy in the entries should immediately be brought to our notice.
  8. Presentation of this depositcard is mandatory at the time of purchase of jewellery under this scheme. In case of loss of depositcard, a duplicate will not be issued and the future entries shall be made only on the copy available with us.
  9. Gold coin or standard bar cannot be purchased under this scheme.
  10. Invoice will be prepared only in the name mentioned in the deposit card.
  11. Gold rate & taxes will be charged on the day of purchase i.e. after the maturity of the scheme.
  12. While purchasing jewellery, the customer should settle the entire account in one transaction.
  13. A member in the scheme, who desires to discontinue during the pendency of the scheme will be allowed to take jewellery only of the amount subscribed by him after one month from the date of the last payment. A discontinued member will not be eligible for terminal benefit. Pre-closer process will take at least two working days. Customers are requested to bear with us.
  14. Under the scheme payment received as monthly instalment would be treated as advance received against order for jewellery.
  15. Ganesh Jewellers reserves the rights to alter / amend / suspend, part or whole of the privileges of the program without prior notice at any anytime. In such event, the member may purchase jewellery at Ganesh Jewellers equal to the accumulated balance as on the date without any benefits.
  16. All customers are advised to read and comply with the detailed terms and conditions mentioned in this brochure, and if required, also clarify at the counter when enrolling for the scheme. By enrolling for the scheme, you accept these terms and conditions.